Cinematic eNovel scene: "A Bad Astral"
an example of cinematic imagery from the eNovel

ARIA HAHN - The Sena Project blends cinema, art, and an original symphonic score with a story based in the distant future while being hauntingly pertinent to our world today.  This complete sensory experience of sight, sound, and touch takes the reader far beyond where ordinary eBooks go, thrusting you into other worlds filled with visual wonder and, at times, menacing fear.

ARIA HAHN - The Sena Project is as groundbreaking as it is powerful. Whether you read it as a warning of the dire consequences of planetary abuse; a journey that propels your imagination into a place not yet discovered; or as a forbidden love story unrestricted by time or space, it will be an experience that will stay with you long after the final pages are turned.

ARIA HAHN - The Sena Project” is a cinematic eNovel for those who enjoy Space, unparalleled universes, appealing poignant love stories, interstellar political turbulence, dreams and far, far journeys. It exhibits a resolution to one of life’s most desperate of tragedies yet to be experienced. It reveals a disturbing allegory to our own current day life.

After reading J.M.Carnright's  "ARIA HAHN - THE SENA PROJECT," grab a chunk of earth, grasp it tightly, squeezing it... as you release it and it begins to slip away through your fingers, consider how rapidly the health of our planet is slipping away, disappearing everyday."

Available in early 2012, ARIA HAHN - The Sena Project is the definitive future of eNovels that is expected to be coming soon to an Apple iPad near you.

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