Ariahahn Directions

Ariahahn Ipad App Navigation Screenshot
operation and navigation instructions below

  1. Right side Bar keeps a list of videos shown/viewed so far. Click on video selection to watch any video you have previously viewed.
  2. Bar on left contains bookmarked pages. Use on/off Control switch on main panel [with flag] below to bookmark pages.Tap it-page bookmarked.
  3. Bottom left icon with speaker turns audio in eNovel on/off except during cinematic scenes & imagery.
  4. In bottom-center is circular display of current page number. The left or right arrow turns page back or forward as does swiping your finger across the screen left or right.
  5. The spyglass icon on the bottom-right takes you to a search bar where you can look up any word or sentences in the novel and go to that page.
  6. The last two icons to the bottom-right control the video. The small circle with arrows surrounding it will reset the video you are watching. The equal sign button last button to the right will pause/stop video.